Best Cordless Battery Mowers and What to Look For

Cut the grass without the cable with our pick of the best value cordless electric mowers you can buy.

Cordless lawn mowers take much of the hassle out of mowing. There’s no need to worry about running out of cable, or cutting through the cable in long grass. Instead, you just keep on mowing until the lawn is finished or your battery runs dead – whichever happens first.

In fact, cordless lawn mowers seem to have it all, giving you the freedom of a petrol mower without the weight or hassle, and they’re lighter, cheaper and more powerful than ever before. They’re perfect if you have a larger garden, but also incredibly convenient on a smaller plot.

However, not all cordless mowers are equally good. Some don’t have the grunt to tackle longer grass or a decent-sized lawn, while others struggle with poor battery life or an uncomfortable design. That’s why we’ve picked out the best cordless lawn mowers, so you can get out there and take care of your grass without any trouble.

How to choose the best cordless mower for you

What size mower do I need for my garden?

The most crucial thing is to get the size right. If you’ve only got a small oblong of grass to cut, you can get away with the smallest mowers – and they’ll be easier to store and use. If you have large areas of lawn, however, then you’ll need a bigger mower to get the job done. The key thing is the cutting width, determined by the size of the mower deck and the size of the blade. Mowers with a cutting width of 32cm or less are really only good for smaller lawns. Most of the cutting width of 33cm to 38cm should cover a lawn roughly the size of a tennis court, and often a bit larger. If you’ve got a bigger area than that to mow, then you’ll need a mower with a cutting width of 40 cm or more. You might also want to think about a self-propelled lawn mower, which will move around under its own steam without you having to actively push it along.

What about the mower’s battery life?

Of course, with a cordless mower battery life also comes into play. Some mowers come with only a single battery with a relatively low capacity, and you’re going to have to stop and recharge long before you finish cutting the grass – particularly if you have to tackle both the front and back lawns. That said, you can often buy higher-capacity batteries or a second battery to keep your mower in juice for longer.

Most cordless mowers fit into a specific manufacturer’s battery and charger system, which means you can share batteries and a charger between several garden and power tools. This is great if you want to save money by buying a “bare tool” product without a battery and charger, although only if you have them already. Packages with them included are usually cheaper than buying everything separately.

What else should I look out for?

All cordless lawn mowers offer a range of different cutting heights, meaning you can leave your grass a little longer or cut it really short. What’s more, when you do the first cut of the season you might need to do one cut at the maximum cutting height then take it down for a second run. As a rule of thumb, mowers with a higher maximum cutting height will be better at tackling longer or wetter grass.

You also want to think about what the lawn mower will do with your clippings. Almost all mowers come with some kind of collapsible collecting box or bag and, the bigger it is, the more grass you’ll be able to cut without stopping to empty the collector. However, some mowers offer the option of a mulcher, which breaks apart any clippings into tiny pieces that can fall on the ground where they decompose and feed your lawn. This also makes your lawn more drought-resistant – and you never need to worry about emptying any box or bag.

Perhaps the most important thing, though, is ergonomics. Things like how much you can adjust the handle and how comfortable the mower is to push matter a lot when you spend more than just a few minutes mowing. Even the location of any controls can make a huge difference, especially if you have to keep them pressed or squeezed while you’re busy cutting the grass. And don’t forget storage, either. If you’re stuck for space in your shed or garage, then having a mower that can fold up really small is a definite bonus.

The best cordless lawn mowers in 2021

Makita 36v Cordless Mower: A quality workhorse

Price: $549 | Buy now from Tools Warehouse

The Makita with two 18v rechargeable batteries and charging station (to produce 36v combined) is something of a relative bargain. The 43cm cutting deck and 50l grass collection bag make it a good mower for small to medium-sized lawns and it’s still nice and light to work with, folding down into a surprisingly compact form when not in use. The two batteries also have a large 5.0Ah capacity.

One big plus with this mower is that you’re buying into the Makita cordless system, so you can share batteries and chargers with a range of tools (from the 18v collection) like drills and saws, to grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, pole pruners and chainsaws that run on the combined 36v output. But even if you just stick to the mower, it’s a great option, and offers a 13 stage height adjustment.


Greenworks 24v 4Ah: The best value cordless mower for flat lawns

Price: $447 | Buy now from

With a 24v battery driving its motor, this mower is well powered. Luckily, while big and surprisingly heavy, it delivers a good cut. It’s solidly built but easy to manoeuvre and is particularly effective on flat lawns. It’s not quite so good on steep slopes when tackling thicker, longer grass, but you won’t have any problems on the average small or medium-sized lawn.
The 4Ah battery comes with a fast charger for quicker recharges, too. You can also buy the skin only for $249. With a 32cm cutting deck and 30-litre bag, it’s not really equipped for big properties, but certainly nimble enough for urban yards. The cutting deck can also be set to either mulch or shoot clippings into the bag.


AEG 58V Brushless: The powerful cordless mower

Price: $849 | Buy now from Bunnings

The AEG 58V is the Toyota LandCruiser of cordless mowers, combining great design, fantastic build quality and a lot of power into one fairly sizable package. Let’s make no bones about it: it’s big and heavy. Even with the lifting handles at the front and rear, it’s a lot of work to lift. But once it’s active it’s anything but cumbersome. It’s not self-propelled, but will cut through grass and many weeds like butter on flat and slightly sloping lawns. What’s more, it’s not short on power, so areas of thick or wet grass won’t faze it. And, with a 46cm cutting deck, neither will the largest lawns.

It certainly helps that the pair of 58V 4.0Ah batteries will recharge in roughly an hour. If you’ve got a lot of land in need of mowing, this is a credible alternative to petrol mowers – and a whole lot easier on the ears and eyes.


Neovolta 60v: Powerful and afffordable

Price: $349 | Buy now from

This mower has it all – a huge 20-inch deck with 49cm cutting blade, 1500W brushless motor.

Given the large cutting deck, it also has a large 60-litre grass bag. The dual 60V battery system provides some serious grunt for the motor, and a workable run time of 25 minutes. For the price, it offers some serious value, but do keep in mind that the batteries and charger are sold separately.


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